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Eskenazi Health Stride 5 mile race


Hi there!  I just got home from a crazy busy (but really fun! and very urban) weekend.  I drove up to Indianapolis on Thursday evening to visit Ryan, and we split our time between Indy and a spontaneous trip to Chicago.  But first…a race!

On Saturday morning, we ran the Eskenazi Health Stride 5 mile race in Indy.


You may remember (I’ll be really impressed if you do) that we were planning to run a trail 10k, but we decided on this road 5 miler instead because it was cheaper, closer, and benefitted a hospital.  The fact that the course was flat and 1.2 miles shorter just sweetened the deal.

The race started at 8:15am, so we arrived at 7:15 to register and get ready.  By that time, it was already pretty toasty out.  Ryan stretched while I jogged down the sidewalk once before deciding that it was too hot to run any more (bad sign).  I joined Ryan on the curb and chatted until we had to line up.  Since neither of us had ever run a 5 mile race before, we were both excited to PR no matter what.

We got cool shirts!

We got cool shirts!

The course started at the hospital, made a two-mile box toward downtown and over the canal (where we dropped off the 5kers) and then finished up with a little loop around the White River.  It was a small race but had a really nice course.

I started out at a 7:20-7:30 pace, which I thought I could keep for 5 miles.  At one mile in, I felt like I was working hard to hold it, and at two miles in, I was really struggling to hold it.  I couldn’t get into a groove and started feeling dehydrated and super sluggish.  I got water at both water stops (and dumped a cup on my head, which I had never done before…so that means business) and tried to focus on ice packs and not walking.

Eventually, the finish line came into view, and that was a very happy moment!

My splits don’t slow down as much as I felt like they did, but here they are:
Mile 1: 7:24
Mile 2: 7 :29
Mile 3: 7:44
Mile 4: 7:52
Mile 5: 7:43
Finish time: 37:52
Pace: 7:34

Ryan finished a few minutes before me, so he cheered me on at the finish.  He rocked his race and flew through those 5 miles!

Eskenazi 5 miler

There were tables, tunes, & snacks near the finish line, so we hung out for an hour until the awards ceremony.  We both ended up winning our age groups and got gift certificates to a local running store (which was having a big clearance sale that day, and I got three pairs of Nike shorts for $10 each!).

After the awards ceremony, we hustled [to the car and drove] to White River State Park.  There was a 5k that started at 10am at White River State Park (we actually ran past the start line during the 5-mile race), and the night before, we had the genius idea of trying to run both races.  Ryan was mastermind behind this plan.  We had 10 minutes to get from one parking garage to another, from the parking garage to the race start, and to register for the second race.

The thought of reliving the horror of my previous 5 miles was about the worst thing I could imagine, but I hustled along to the car and thought I’d cheer or maybe run a 3.1 mile cool down.  Unfortunately (I mean, I wasn’t sad about it), we were JUST too late, and the runners took off when we were this close.  (See the start/finish line down there?)

The start/finish line is down that path

Instead of running our second race, we checked out the Autism Awareness event that was happening at the park.  There were so many people!

We signed up to participate in the walk for Autism that was happening in a few minutes and joined hundreds of families in a one mile walk around the park and zoo.  The one mile ended up taking us 42 minutes though, so we’re a little curious about the accuracy of the distance 😉

But we got some great views of Indianapolis!
Are you more of a planner or a spontaneous outings person?


  1. OMG THAT SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!! LOL I would NEVER think to do 2 races in a row! I’m such a stressball and planner that that just would freak me out. I’d totally do it if someone else spontaneously decided to do it though haha. Great job speedy lady! You rock!

  2. Great job, you two! I love that you were going to run those 2 races – kind of like your own Double 🙂

    I’m not much of a planner and would definitely be up for a spontaneous back to back day of racing!

  3. hahah, I love that part about automatically PRing your 5mile race since you’d never run one before! now I want to find a distance I’ve never run so I can pr… hmmm 🙂 Also I am TOTALLY 100% a planner! But I guess I could go along with a spontaneous plan if someone else suggested it!

    • we joked that since the race was at a hospital, we could literally fall mid-race, break an arm, get a cast really quick, finish the race, and STILL PR. that made me feel a lot better about the race haha

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