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Taking a blogging break


Hi there!

I’ve been MIA around here for the past few weeks, so I thought I’d pop in to say that things in Cleveland are going well!  I’m three weeks into my externship year (four if you count orientation week), and I’m learning a TON.  It’s going to be a busy and crazy but amazing year.

As far as blogging goes, I’m going to take a break (or I guess continue with the break I already took, ha).  My main goal is to soak in as much knowledge as I can this year, and I need to cut some other things out to do that.  It was either cut running or cut blogging about running (sorry blog).  Running is definitely taking the back-burner this year, but I’ve been able to fit in a short run most days after work.  (Sidenote: My advice on transitioning from a morning to an evening runner= 1. Be consistent and 2. eat a large afternoon snack).

I’ve mapped out a few impossible-to-get-lost running routes around me, but most of my workouts have been at the fitness center lately because it’s easier run “on autopilot” after work instead of thinking about the route.  There is an awesome roof-top track with circuit stations that is perfect for running+strength workouts.

See the "tall" buildings in the back?

See the “tall” buildings in the back?

I have a half marathon tomorrow (!!!) that will be a good experiment on running a half marathon without a lot of training.  It’s in Erie, and it’s supposed to be 75 degrees with scattered thunderstorms at the start of the race (6:30am).  Yay..

At least it will be pretty!  My family + Ryan went to Erie last weekend for a wedding (check out the gorgeous  sunset background of the reception below)

Lake Erie at sunset

Lake Erie at sunset

The race goes along Presque Isle, a peninsula jutting into Lake Erie,  and there’s a party on the beach following the race.  Not sure how the actual running part will go, but the morning should be fun.  How I feel during the run may determine if I want to consider any other half marathons this year.  I’m considering Columbus and a few smaller races near Cleveland.

So anyway, I’m putting this blog on hold for a while…maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months, maybe the whole year.  I want to try to keep up with blog reading, so you may hear from me. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


  1. Glad to hear things are going well in Cleveland! I will miss reading your blog very much, but i understand that other things are more important <3

  2. Good luck with everything new in Cleveland! Hope that you’ll come back to blogging eventually, I enjoy reading what you write!

  3. I’m so glad that everything is going well in Cleveland! Totally understand about taking a blogging break… you gotta make the most of this year! Hope the half went well!! I’ve been to Erie once; my bf’s brother worked at the theme park there (Waldameer?) 2 summers ago so we visited! Didn’t go to the lake, though. That picture makes it look beautiful!!

    • Waldameer!! It’s a neat little park. I hope you went in the Wacky Shack and the Pirates Cove. I grew up in Erie, and we used to go all the time!

  4. I hear ya chica! So hard to balance everything! I haven’t blogged in weeks and I should really just write a post about taking a blogging break haha.

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