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Towpath Ten Ten


Two weeks ago and one holiday ago (back when it was still June) my dad and I ran the Towpath Ten Ten!  The past two weeks have been crazy with getting settled in Cleveland, so sorry that this recap is a little late..

The Towpath Ten Ten is part of the Towpath Trilogy, a three-race series on a paved trail (“The Towpath”) that runs from Cleveland to Akron.  This event had both a 10-mile and 10k race, and my dad and I ran the 10-miler.  Since the race was on Father’s Day, there were extra special award categories for father + daughter/son/mother pairs, where they added both times together.  My dad and I pulled together our team from the Circular Logic Marathon Relay and registered as a duo.

I found this race while googling races happening the weekend I moved to Cleveland, which was a good idea in theory.  In reality, questionable decision. Ha, I was a new level of tired on race morning, but I just adjusted my goals (new goal= stay awake for the duration of the race), and it was all good.

The race started at 7am.  They asked all of the runners to park in the Quaker Steak and Lube parking lot and walk one mile to the race start.  It was a muggy morning, and I was already sweating by the time we made it to the start line.  Weather-wise, there was a chance of thunderstorms (I think? I’m trying to dig deep in my brain for details from two weeks ago), but we lucked out with just a few sprinkles and a whole lot of mugginess throughout the morning.

My dad and I were surprised by how many runners were there!  It wasn’t a big big race, but it definitely wasn’t a small race.  We wished each other good luck and took our respective spots near the start line (him) and further away from the start line (me), ha.  The race director went over the course in detail as we stood there ready to go, so I got a little nervous that it wouldn’t be marked and we’d have to forge our own way (aka my worst nightmare).  Fortunately the route was very straight forward (and flat, YAY!).

Off we went! (Wish I had some nice pictures to throw in here…just imagine a paved trail and people running.)

My rough time goal was to stick around or just under 8-minute miles, especially with how humid it was.  My first mile clocked in at 7:54 and felt comfortable.  I kept the pace for the second mile and ended up running side-by-side with another woman at the same pace.  She had headphones in, so I didn’t say anything to her, but after an entire mile of unison footfalls, we started chatting.  She was really nice and had the same time goal, so we stuck together for the next 7 miles!  It was so nice to have a running partner.

Our miles were super consistent (each between 7:50 and 8), and I was surprised with how good I felt running sub-8 miles in the humidity.  It helped that the race had a ton of water stops, and it helped that I had someone to run with.  I usually don’t talk during races aside from one-line responses when people say things to me, but I enjoyed the company.  She gave me suggestions on things to do in the Cleveland area and gave me her contact info after the race for future runs.

I started to feel tired at mile 8 and struggled a little to keep the pace for the last 2 miles, but pretty soon I saw the finish line!  I crossed in 1:19 (7:54 pace)

I found my dad at the finish line (he kicked butt, like always), and we walked back over to Quaker Steak & Lube for the post-race food and awards ceremony.  Quaker Steak & Lube opened its doors (and bathrooms!) to the runners after the race, and they provided us with a diverse buffet of food: fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, and cheese quesadillas, scrambled eggs, bagels and bananas.  There were tables set up outside in front of a stage, which alternated between a guy playing guitar and the race director announcing awards.  It was a nice little post-race celebration.

Speaking of the awards ceremony, my dad and I placed first in the Father’s Day team category!  Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  You’re first place father, and that means you’re the best. 😉

Towpath Ten Ten

We won a framed photograph of a building in Cleveland that I have yet to see, and a gift certificate to an extremely fancy restaurant.

I was happy we ran the race!  The other two races in the series are a full/half/10k in October and a half/3-mile in April, and I may check them out.

Has anyone raced recently or have anything coming up?  I’ve been MIA for a little while…


  1. My race calendar is clear until the weather turns! I have no desire to race in the heat!
    I am jealous that A) you got to race with your dad, because racing with family is the best thing ever. and B) race a 10 miler. I am dying to race a 10 mile race and they are shockingly difficult to find!
    Congratulations on a great race!

  2. Sooooo cute!!! I just love you and your dad!!! Congrats speedy fam 🙂

  3. Nope, no racing lately. Or ever really, since I’m not a racer 🙂

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